Recent Projects

Part Finder

PHP, mySQL, AJAX, JSON, Javascript, jQuery

The part finder helps the user narrow down which pressure sensitive latches would be appropriate for their needs.

As each step is executed, the database of over 200 latches is searched for possible matches, returning the remaining options for the next step, until eventually a list of matching parts is displayed.


BWCA Canoeing Map

Javascript, jQuery, SVG

Interactive map showing entry points to the Boundry Waters Canoe Area.

Mouseover a ranger station to highlight the entry points associated with that station as well as display station info. Mouseover an entry point to display name and info.

Files: Web Scraper

PHP, mySQL, AJAX, JSON, Javascript, jQuery

This project scrapes the site, getting info on the top rated sci-fi movies listed. In addition to collecting various data from the main page, it accesses the page for each movie, extracting additional info.

Some of the fields were easily obtained using id's and classes, while others needed a bit more coaxing.

The data is collected in an array, which is then used to enter the info into a mySQL database, create a downloadable CSV file, as well as display it to the page.

The code currently only scrapes the first ten movies, for the sake of loading speed.


National Professional Anglers Association

Wordpress, PHP

Designed and programmed a custom Wordpress site for the NPAA.

Custom page template and PHP programming for the News, Member Sign Up and Guide Directory.


Up North Marketing


Designed a custom Wordpress site for Up North Marketing with a unique layout, custom menu and woodsy vibe.


BigCommerce Sites


The following are some of the BigCommerce sites I have created including many customizations.

Site: Russell Moccasin
Site: Outkast Inc.
Site: Outkast Tackle